A Great VoIP Experience Starts with Great QoS

When you pick up your phone you expect to hear that familiar dial tone sound and expect to be able to clearly hear the person on the other side, right? When that doesn’t happen, it’s a Quality of Service (QoS) issue, and we know how frustrating these types of problems can be. In the old days of Ma Bell, copper wires, switchboards and human operators, you contacted your local phone company when QoS issues arose. Today, in the world of the Internet and Voice over IP (VoIP), it can be hard to figure out who to contact to fix the issue. The problem could be any number of things, including:
  • Your office wiring
  • The local network (router/switch to which all of your computers and phones are connected);
  • Someone in your office streaming a movie or other large media file;
  • Too many customers tapping into the common ISP in your local office park;
  • The ISP’s physical equipment (either in your office or in their network);
  • The ISP’s regional issues (“fiber cut”); or
  • Your HPBX service provider.
So how do you figure out where the problem is and who to contact to fix it? When you use Hosted PBX from Intermedia, you simply call us. We identify the problem and we work with you and your providers to resolve it.

We identify QoS issues and their root cause

The most common QoS issues that people experience with VoIP phones are audio cutting in and out, audio that is garbled or robotic, dropped calls and people talking over one another. Unfortunately, any of these issues can lead to a horrible phone experience if not corrected.

We test for QoS issues before you sign up for Hosted PBX service

Many QoS issues are easily identified and easily fixed before you initiate VoIP service. In fact, Intermedia does not want to bring a customer onto our system if we know their network will not support VoIP and provide great QoS. So we work with you during the sales process to test your system and make sure it is ready for VoIP. We pre-qualify your data connectivity and network by verifying that:
  • Your internet circuit has sufficient capacity for VoIP using our bandwidth test (https://www.telecomsvc.com/broadbandtester/)
  • Your internet circuit is reliable and has consistent quality using our VoIP Scout tool (3+ day simulation of voice traffic from your site)
  • Your ISP is reliable and can support VoIP
  • Your network equipment supports VoIP
And then we reconfirm that qualification during the onboarding process because environments and situations are not static and can change over time. This process includes:
  • Reconfirming bandwidth, compatible ISP and network equipment;
  • Optimizing network equipment for VoIP; and
  • Verifying that our equipment will register and make a quality phone call.

We monitor QoS after you start using Hosted PBX

Once you start using Hosted PBX, our talented team of technical support professionals is available to quickly resolve new network issues that arise over time that may impact the QoS of your VoIP. As always, our goal is to give you the best experience with the cloud, and that means making sure that you get the best QoS possible with Hosted PBX.