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Hansen Software Corporation is a leading provider of call recording and call accounting products.  Hansen Call Recording presents the unique opportunity to enjoy all of the functionality of call recording without sacrificing the efficiency and reporting capabilities of a state-of-the-art call accounting system. Hansen Call Reports is a state of the art, easy to use, call accounting software that will improve your business’ productivity, save you time and increase revenue.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easily Accessible in-depth reporting on Call Metrics
  • No Hardware required
  • Customizable Live Dashboard
  • Customizable Call Alerts
  • Automated Reporting
  • Indefinite retention of Call Data
  • Hosted and On-Premise deployment options
  • Many reports
  • Export reports to CSV, PDF, etc
  • Scheduling reports for delivery
  • Alerts sent for specific triggers
  • Call Recording Archival from any PBX
  • Searching of archived call recordings

Integration Features:

Hansen Call Recording & Call Reports is compatible with all major premise and VoIP PBX systems. Depending on the PBX, Hansen Call Recording offers either a trunk side recording solution or API integration to off board recordings from the PBX. Archived data can be searched, filtered, etc to easily locate call recordings based on call details (e.g. called part number, station, date/time, etc.)

CDR and call recordings are off boarded from the PBX, allowing for long term storage (archival).  Archived data can be searched, filtered, etc. to easily locate call recordings based on call details (e.g. called party number, date/time, etc.).

Hansen Call Recording offers more than 30 rolling days of recording retention and more in-depth reporting. Packages are available for retaining call accounting data and audio recordings indefinitely.

CASH+ Hansen Call Recording is available as an on-premise or hosted solution. Both options include every feature available and unlimited personalized training.

With the purchase of the Hansen Call Recording and/or Hansen Call Reports online installation assistance is included. Hansen team will work with you and the customer to help ensure the software gets installed, up and running.

After install, Hansen team will provide online training to the customer to show them how to use the product. With purchase, they receive a full year of unlimited technical support, training and software upgrades.

Visit our website: www.hansensoftware.com
Email: sales@hansensoftware.com
Call: 1.877.795.2274

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